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The Tuck Advanced Management Program is a transformative two-week program designed to advance the strategic and leadership orientation of senior executives who aspire to succeed at the highest levels of executive responsibility—by learning to ask the right questions, identify the right business opportunities, and optimize resources to position their organizations for continued success in today’s changing and globalized world. 

This innovative program is designed as a hybrid open-enrollment program and a custom engagement for your business. With input and feedback from Tuck’s renowned faculty and their fellow leaders in the program, each participant develops their own individualized Management Action Plan (MAP), which takes program concepts throughout the two-week experience and applies them to a strategic organizational challenge they are facing. Participants return to their organizations equipped with a finely-honed set of plans to address some of their most important management challenges, and post-program follow-ups keep them on track to make real progress.

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Tuck’s AMP curriculum is delivered in five integrated, dynamic modules that have been developed to respond to the critical business needs faced by senior leaders in any organization. Through the tools and advanced thinking in these five key modules, participants gain new capabilities they can bring back to their companies to help make even the toughest business decisions.

Module 1

Strategy and Innovation

To achieve lasting impact and remain competitive, leaders need to create cultures of continuous innovation, staying ahead of the latest innovations within and beyond their industries. This module exposes participants to cutting-edge frameworks and research that advance senior leaders’ abilities to usher in breakthrough innovation in times of change.

Module 2

Securing Competitive Advantage

Participants examine the conventional and modern critical variables that companies must consider in order to sustain and advance their strategic goals within an interconnected global marketplace. In this module, participants will also learn how the latest international forces might impact their industry and explore strategies for surviving—and thriving—in this context.

Module 3

Developing a One-Company Mindset

After the turbulence of the last few years, many organizations have dramatically changed how they operate, and many leaders are looking to reorient their organization back towards a ‘one-company’ mindset, reasserting and redefining their mission and values. This module will explore a wide organizational spectrum that includes the importance of alignment within an organization, how to develop an enterprise-wide mindset and sustain deep employee engagement, and how to reinforce your organization’s reputation.

Module 4

Digital Transformation

In a world of shifting platforms, digital transformation is the defining leadership challenge for today’s leaders. In this module, participants explore digitization as a fundamental movement across all industries, and how to position their organization to compete effectively in a digital future that includes Big Data, artificial intelligence, and data analytics.

Module 5

Leadership and Authenticity

ESG strategies are ubiquitous in today’s business world. To avoid unwanted labels like “greenwashing” and “diversity washing,” leaders must unpack and explore the many complex dimensions of the subject. In this module, participants are challenged to discover a new set of guiding principles and frameworks focused on creating a more inclusive and effective organization, along with a look into the failures and successes of ESG strategies and what makes an organization’s ESG goals grounded, actionable, and authentic.

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