A transformative experience for senior leaders who seek to innovate, drive growth, and create value.

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Sharpen the tools that executives need most

The Tuck Advanced Management Program (AMP) at Dartmouth is a two-week program designed to advance the strategic orientation of senior executives. The Tuck AMP focuses on the key levers that enable senior leaders to drive strategy and innovation as well as lead and manage change across complex global organizations – whether private, public, or nonprofit.

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The Tuck Advanced Management Program is designed specifically for senior executives in roles that have strategic implications and who seek to develop an enterprise-wide mindset, and a visionary approach to leadership.

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Key Information

July 8 – 20, 2018


Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
Hanover, NH

*Tuition includes books, materials, accommodations, and most meals.

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The challenge of leading innovation goes beyond managing today’s business while creating tomorrow’s. There is a third, more intractable, problem: letting go of yesterday’s values and beliefs that kept the company stuck in the past.

Vijay Govindarajan (VG)
Coxe Distinguished Professor of Management

Participants in Tuck’s AMP will work with Tuck’s senior faculty to:

Develop and implement business portfolio strategy

Become a long-term, visionary thinker

Adopt and implement a global perspective on driving growth and managing change

Leverage frameworks that spark strategic innovation

Communicate corporate strategy to all stakeholders of the organization

Shift from a functional thinking perspective to a long term organizational growth perspective

Build corporate brand equity and understand the role of internal branding and external corporate-image campaigns

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